Monday, 27 January 2014

Gone is the monochrome, now for a rainbow week!

As I did a week in monochrome last week,well 5 days anyway which is a fairly good effort for me, I have decided to balance my blog out a little by doing a week in colour. I'm going to do the post layout a little bit different too so that it fits into my
Daily routine more easily with a style post in the morning(pre- work) and an artist/designer review in the evening(post-work)!Hopefully, by doing this, I will have a better chance of actually achieving 7 days worth of posts!

Instead of doing 7 days of multicoloured style posts I have decided to have a rainbow week with one colour per day. Today, as can be predicted, is my red day...

I love the red and blue combination of this outfit! The red silk shirt is from a seller I came across on Asos marketplace and it has a faint geometric pattern on it. I chose a long turquoise and red bead necklace from Topshop to go with this shirt and continued the red/blue colour combination with the painted canvas bag which I stumbled across on To avoid over complicating this outfit I would wear it with some plain black leggings, I chose American apparel because they are really good quality and have a lot more longevity than other brands! For the shoes I opted for some plain black leather peep toe heeled boots, practical because they have a chunky heel but without comprising the aesthetics. The final addition to this outfit is the velvet flower headband I found in topshop, I love floral hair accessories and the velvet material of those one caught my eye!

So there's the first colour post of this week, hope you all liked it and I'll post again this evening by which point I will hopefully managed to find an artist who specialises in pieces with a red colour scheme! Wish me luck...x
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