Monday, 20 April 2015

So I moved to Deutschland

I have now been living in Germany for over a month, I am quite settled in my new apartment and have made a great group of friends but still can't quite get my head around the whole 'I live in Germany' thing. 

Although Dusseldorf isn't a huge distance from London there are still some differences that make it hard to adjust to like actually waiting for the green man before crossing the road; not going for a 'quiet' drink after work(a daily occurrence in London and never quiet); determining the difference between 1001 various types of sausage and not being able to go shopping on a Sunday. Little differences. 

Despite these I am so much happier here than I was in London. I am finally getting paid enough to afford proper food and a gym membership so I can have control over my diet- no more pot noodles and beans on toast for me. I even have a proper living space- all my previous homes have been questionable warehouse residencies. For the past 6 years of my life I have had tiny bedrooms with shred kitchens, toilets and living spaces. I now have my own living room, bathroom and kitchen. I cannot stress enough how much of a relief it is to come home and know that all the food in the fridge belongs to me, no-one can ever steal my milk again and I won't find surprise mouldy vegetables that someone else has left from the previous month *sigh of relief*. I thought I'd share some photos of my new place with you so here they are...

Left to right from top: Kitchen, bedroom, cherry blossom on my street, coat hangers in my hallway, bathroom, living room, herb garden(yes I have made myself a herb garden!), dining room, living room television, morning coffee on my living room balcony, view of church from my bedroom window, sofa close up, living room balcony.

It's been lovely and sunny here recently and so I've really been able to make use of my balconies- especially on the weekends. I he been so fortunate in finding this flat as the sun rises on one side, directing itself straight onto my living room balcony(perfect for morning coffee before work), and sets behind the church overlooked by my bedroom balcony.

Despite being only 10 minutes from the main station in Dusseldorf, the area I live in is so quiet- except from the church bells which seem to find it necessary to ring every hr....except on Sundays.... on Sundays they really go to town and ring relentlessly for 15 minutes. I kind of like it though!

Anyway, now that I have settled in and had a little break from blogging and freelancing I want to become more proactive again and build up my online presence. Partially for my own sanity as I have a build up of banter/monologues I just can't let out at work- apparently the dry British humour is quite difficult to translate into Spanish and German. Also because I finally have the free time to get properly involved with blogging. Hopefully I'll be able to get into a blogging routine so that I can become more consistent and get more followers etc. I'm also going to give the blog a little makeover to mark my fresh start and attempt to sync it with my instagram(@beckyloisburns) account and facebook(textilecandy) this space...

I've also had time to work on some pieces for myself, nothing major just some artwork for my apartment. Its really refreshing to have the chance to be able to work on pieces just for the pure enjoyment of it; no pressure, no deadlines and no certainty of the outcome I'm pretty certain that's how art should be.