Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Back on the blogging scene ..."My week in colour take 2"- RED

Once again I forgot to follow through on my over-enthusiastic blogging plans... so much for my week in colour!It has been my birthday though so I feel I can use that excuse for at least two days of this last week!

I still really want to do my "week in colour" so I'm going to start again.....mid-week(well, late week!)at Red the first colour of the rainbow.

Red is possibly the hardest colour theme for an outfit post for me because I just never wear anything red. I definitely will not be wearing red in the near future either seeing as my hairdresser decided a ginger ombre look would be fitting for my birthday hairdo...she was so VERY wrong. Fortunately it has faded a little bit and is now gingery brown....but back to RED...

Black jeans £24.99 (Bershka), Coca cola baseball tee £32.00 (Urban Outfitters), Cutout boots £45.00 ( the name says it all really!), sheer lips socks £4.91 (nastygal), leather bag £19.99 (Zara).

So there's my red look....pretty simple, nothing to write home about- just a casual daytime look. I do love the sheer lips socks though!

As many of you in the fashion industry will know, New York fashion week startstoday, which means I actually have to go into blogging overdrive! Although looking at the catwalks seems like a 'fun' thing to do, I have to do it all day at work then turn them into 'artsy' moodboards all evening(the 'artsy' part is mainly to stop me getting bored) so it loses its appeal quite quickly!

But along with the colour style posts this week you can expect some fashion week posts too, provided I get my blogging bum into gear!
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