Sunday, 12 January 2014

'What I would wear if I could...' - Winter florals style post!

This week I really want to get back into doing regular style posts. I feel a resolution coming on....As my New Years blogging resolution I will try and do at least 5 'What I would wear if I could afford to' posts each week and 1 chunkier more thought out entry. I feel like this year I need to get more organised with more of a routine to my life, maybe this will help...If I can manage to stick to it!

In the spirit of this, here is the first of many style posts!

Socks £5.00( ASOS), Bag £35.00 (Rokit vintage), Tights £2.99 (New Look), Chunky boots £95.00(Topshop), Tunic dress £70.00(Topshop), Knitted turban £12.00 (Topshop),Tarnished silver necklace £12.99 (Zara).
It seems that this week England has finally realised that it is actually winter and this means it needs to get colder. Ideally it needs to get cold enough to snow in time for my birthday. This means that it's time to crack out the boho knitted turbans and the tights and socks combo. Dark winter florals have been a huge trend this Autumn/Winter and I particularly love this Topshop boutique print with its rich orange and red tones. This garment is actually meant to be a tee, but one of the very few perks of being 5 ft absolutely 0 inches is that I can wear tee's as dresses.

I lvoe this outfit and would happily buy each and every item in a heartbeat if I had the funds. As a confessed jewellery hoarder I particularly love this Zara necklace, and at only £12.99 it's a steal- hopefully it will still be in the shops when my payday FINALLY arrives.

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