Sunday, 19 January 2014

My week in monochrome... "What I would wear today if I could..."

Recently I have had the 'back to work' January blues;early mornings, failed attempts at
dieting and financial despair have led to me feeling lethargic, apathetic and unmotivated- not the most productive combination!

As depressing as all that sounds, I have made the decision not to let this get me down and will be doing a series of blog posts this week entitled "My week in monochrome". I am a firm believer of dressing to suit your mood and, as my mood is not particularly upbeat at the moment, I intend to embrace this in a week of colourless style posts. 

Not only does a black and white theme reflect my current temperament, this colour scheme has also been a popular colour trend on the runway for the past 3 seasons and is increasingly popular in high street stores. Alongside these style posts I will aim to do introduce an monochromatic inspired artist/designer each day.

So for my first day of "My week in monochrome..."

Top £16.00(Boohoo), Disco pants £14.99 (, White cut-out boots £45.00(River Island), Polka dot socks £8.00 (Urban Outfitters), Necklace £19.48(BellaJewlry4u at, Black bag £12.99 (H&M).
As it is a Monday, I thought I would introduce this theme with a playful black and white spot print t-shirt. I love how this boohoo top combines different scales of spot as well as flipping the colour arrangement of the spots, and at only £16.00 it's a huge bargain! I also love these white cutout boots from river Island, since Jeffrey Campbell first introduced this shoe style it seems the high street stores simply can't get enough of them. With every British retailer doing a version of the cutout boot, the options for this style are endless- I am thinking abut requesting some of these for my birthday present as they are so versatile and can carry you through to summer. To finish this graphic black and white outfit off I have added some sheer spotted pop socks from Urban Outfitters, a black bag and a 60's look black and white floral necklace.

Artist review: Annita Maslov

As my monochrome style post for today has a strong polka dot theme, I thought I would take this as an opportunity to introduce an artist/illustrator who creates amazing pieces made up entirely from tiny dots. Influenced by 19th century pointillism (championed by Seurat and Signac), Australian illustrator Annita Maslov designs original prints and tattoos made up from minuscule dots.

As artworks, these illustrations have great compositions and the fact that they are created from specks of ink amazes me and adds an extra edge/hand-crafted element to the work.

I think it's so important in the art/design industry to boost each other up and forge online connections with other artists/designers. In the spirirt of this I encourage you all to take a look at
Annita' work at: 

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