Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My week in monochrome...Day 4!

Thursday lull....lacking in blogging motivation today so this entry will be short and sweet and artist review-less...I'll make up for it at the weekend I promise!

Trousers £42.00(Topshop), Camisole top £42.00(Topshop Boutique), Shoes £45.00(ASOS), Necklace £6.00(ASOS), Oversized bag £60.00(Topshop).

Another day another dollar so the saying goes... After hitting snooze a grand total of 5 times this morning I finally managed to peel myself out of bed, scrape some make up onto my face and assemble my hair to look less tangled earth child and more purposeful beach hair.  I always feel like, if I had my ideal wardrobe, I would feel so much more ready for the day. In actual fact I probably wouldn't, I would be most likely to start complaining about my lack of wardrobe space. Which is why this virtual wardrobe I have created through my blog is so useful. Today for example, I would love to wear the above outfit in keeping with my monochrome trend for this week. This outfit is so easy to wear!Loose comfortable trousers; a slinky camisole top; an oversized black bag(an absolute staple for a print designer- this would fit my sketchbook and paints in) and some metallic shoes to add some pzazzzz to the ensemble.

That's all I have time,and energy, for today. I promise that tomorrow's efforts will be better!


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