Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Constructivist trend

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction this is as true in relation to fashion trends as it is in daily life! The reaction to Art Nouveau was Art Deco, the reaction to hippies was the punk subculture and as a reaction to the loose fluid painterly print trends we are currently enthralled by comes the rigid structured and mechanical constructivism trend. 

Taking obvious inspiration from Bauhaus art and the Russian constructivist art movement, this print trend is so strong that it has even impacted knitted yarns and fabric composition. Comprised of bold colours, solid simple shapes and 1920s Art Deco geometry, this trend appears to be a move on from the soft great gatsby-esque trend that came with the films release last year! 

Left to right: Bauhaus art movement poster, El Lissitzkys' Russian constructivist art, Memphis patterned textile, 1920's Art Deco fabric.

The simple print silhouettes that are part of this trend are reminiscent of the Memphis art group and Henry Matisses' collection of cutout art which is very interesting if we take into account the Tate Britain's' upcoming Matisse exhibition this year!