Monday, 13 January 2014

'What I would wear if I could..' Celestial trend!

When asked at work what I thought the key trends for the coming year would be, in particular for Autumn/Winter 14, I was adamant that Celestial imagery would be one of them. Stars, planets, suns&moons, signs of the zodiac, weather imagery...everything related to the sky. Kenzo has introduced lightening bolts to his collection and Chanel's Pre-fall 14 collection is laced with stars, hopefully my celestial trend predictions pan out to be true.

With this in mind, today I would love to wear this outfit...

Blue crackle effect nail varnish £3.99 (BarryM), Yellow nail varnish £2.99 (BarryM), Turquoise liquid eyeliner£4.79 (BarryM), Black disco pants, Lightening bolt bag £23.00 (, Chunky boots £40.00 (River Island), Double knot leather headband £10.00 (Topshop), Statement necklace £40.00 (River Island), Floral burnout tee £15.00 (River Island sale- sold out). 
One thing I love about being from a really small town is that, generally, the high street clothes I like are a bit too crazy for the people who live in my hometown so they tend to always go in the sale. This was the case with this gorgeous river island tee, I had been trying to decide whether or not to buy it for about a month and a half (nice to know I don't always impulse shop!) when it went in the sale for half it's original price. The colour is amazing and it's long enough to cover my bum- always an essential whenever I buy a tee. 

I love this necklace as well, also from River Island. I've noticed recently that there seems to be a lot more choice for statement necklaces on the high street. Whereas before, there was only really Topshop to go to for this, now Zara, River Island, New Look and even Primark are stocking some great statement jewellery. 

I realise that I don't normally blog about beauty products and that this kind of looks a bit like a BarryM advertisement, but I genuinely love how vibrant their nail collection is and have chosen two colours that would compliment this outfit perfectly.

I think my favourite piece in this outfit is the Kenzo inspired lightening strike slough bag from So much cheaper than I inititally thought it would be! is quickly becoming my 'go-to' website for High-end trends at affordable prices.

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