Monday, 5 August 2013

"What I would wear today if I could..." +Some amazingly good news!

"What I would wear today if I could..."

Today is quite a big day for me as I had my second interview for a design job at Stuart Peters. Obviously that means it's extra important for me to dress well today, that includes dressing well in my imaginary wardrobe.
Skirt(£37.93) Nastygal, Top(£10.00) Topshop, Shoes(£20.08), Necklace(£22.50) Topshop, Bag(£24.00) Beyond retro.
I'm feeling in quite a bold, graphic mood today so this Nastygal skirt fits perfectly. I find that yellow is a really hard colour to wear, especially if it is worn directly next to your skin. This skirt, however, is the perfect way to introduce yellow into an outfit as it's on the bottom half of the body, away from the skin, AND the yellow is broken up by the black/white grid.

Most people would probably find it a bit too clashy to wear horizontal stripes on top with a grid pattern underneath but I'm feeling daring today so this Topshop crop is a perfect addition to the outfit. The necklace, also from Topshop, ties the geometric graphic theme of this outfit together perfectly. 

In other news....I GOT THE JOB.....*pause for dramatic effect*...

My new role is as the Junior print designer/CAD operator  for knitwear at Stuart Peters, including a salary increase which means I can finally afford to enjoy my new London life! Soon I might even be able to start doing style posts of clothes I actually own!

This is also amazing because it means I can stop doing freelance work and focus on doing my own work which gets me that little bit closer to my dream of having my own brand.

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