Friday, 23 August 2013

Shopping trip and wedding outfit!

As you all know, mainly because I can't stop speaking about it, I have recently changed jobs and am now Junior Print Designer at Stuart Peters. This in itself is quite amazing as it is pretty much my dream job, but things became even better today as I was given the task of doing some shop reports on current print trends(I will do a blog post on these tomorrow!)which meant I got to spend the entire day shopping in London!

I also bought myself a few little treats. My cousins wedding is in a week and until today I was still outiftless so, as can be imagined, I was beginning to panic slightly about what to wear. Fortunately I found a lovely long sleeved cream lace dress from Urban outfitters which is absolutely perfect for the occasion and I have also bought a deep red flower crown headband to wear.
Floral tea dress(£45.00)Topshop, Gold chain necklace(£5.99)H&M, Shoes top to bottom: Gladiator sandals(£39.99)New Look, Deep red suede heels(£56.00)Topshop, Brown heels(£27.99), Bags top to bottom: Red leather clutch(£10.98), Vintage burgundy clutch(£!8.00)Beyond Retro, Tooled vintage leather clutch(£14.03) superqueenieretro on
Initially I was going to buy the dress shown above for the wedding but I tried it on today and it was more of a very pale peach colour than the cream I had expected, it was also quite ill fitting. I guess that just goes to show that you can never be quite sure whether a garment will look as good as it does online.

Anyway this is my new outfit...It's borderline bridesmaidy(for want of a better word) but I kinda like it, and the dress fits really nicely and skims over the bits I want to hide!

Lace dress(£55.00) Urban Outfitters, Flower Crown(£6.50) ebay, Shoes my own from Topshop 2 years ago, Bag(£7.50) Beyond Retro, ankle socks(£8.00) Urban Outfitters.

I also bought this beautiful top from Zara...

I can honestly say that the current collection of printed garments in Zara left me in awe. Zara can always be relied on to provide soft feminine florals and well thought out digital prints but the current collection combines edgy tartan with dark wintery florals in an ode to 90's grunge yet still manages to retain its feminine allure.

While looking round the shops I noticed that there is an abundance of quilted/embossed/textured garments in the current store collections. Quilted fabrics were in every store I went in to, some studded some printed and on a variety of different garments. River Island, in particular, had an extensive range of quilted and embossed garments. I've got a feeling textured tees will be a staple for this Autumn's wardrobe. Probably means I should go on another shopping trip to invest in one...right?

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