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Style blog: Lois Albinson and Richard O'Gorman!

So I've been meaning to do this style post for quite some time but keep getting distracted by one thing or another. Street style posts are a staple in the majority of fashion blogs and this is my take on that idea.

After working in topshop for 2 years while at uni I had the opportunity to meet some people with really individualk and expressive senses of style. I have chosen to feature two friends who have completely different clothing styles and who are both very expressive in what they choose to wear. 

First is Richard O'Gorman;sales adviser at Topshop, fashion blogger, pattern enthusiast and economics graduate. Richard is living testament to the often overlooked fact that intelligence and an interest in fashion aren't paradoxical.
 As a print designer I love anything patterned and I really love Richard's ability to mix prints and completely carry it off. I would love to see him start a daily style blog documenting his outfits, but until that day he has a fashion blog which he occasionally uploads outfits on:

Who/what do you get style inspiration from? Any decades/art movements or 

designers in particular?

I take inspiration mostly from culty, low ground designers like Agi & Sam, KTZ but then naturally your style is shaped by things you inevitably see at Versace/ JW Anderson/Celine shows so there's that too.

Menswear Resort 14 collections left to right: Agi&Sam, KTZ, Versace, JW Anderson.

What is your favourite high street store and why?
My favourite high street store has got to be Topshop. As well as a great staff discount (!) they really put a lot of money into their product development and whilst there are some really bad things in there, they do take quite literal references from the high-end fashion market
Would you say you follow trends or do you just buy whatever catches your eye?
I think I nod towards trends without literally following them blindly; it's better to take reference to big style changes season by season but develop them into a way that reflects your own style
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is part Amish, part Versace/Cavalli love child, part Evacuee child, part Wizard, part Vintage kid. I try to repeat outfits as rarely as possible and always try to reinvent my style
What do you think of British fashion and street style?

British style is 50/50; you get some incredible designers coming up through the ranks of British Fashion like Mary Katrantzou & Rag & Bone but then we have to take ownership for Julien McDonald and John Galliano (p.s. Raf Simons is doing the best job at taking over Galliano's helm at Dior. The BEST) . Our street style is really dynamic though, it changes and evolves and some people are really inventive, which I love.


Second is Lois Albinson; Topshop sales adviser, textiles graduate and knitwear designer.  Lois' personal style has always fascinated me! By mixing carefully selected vintage pieces with catwalk inspired high street items, Lois' wardrobe is on trend and edgy without compromising her unique bohemian style. To see some of her amazing knitwear designs visit:

Who/what do you get style inspiration from? Any decades/art movements or designers in particular?

I get inspiration from everything! Blogs, magazines, art, old films, street style etc. I work in Topshop and I am constantly surrounded by current trends so I try to find a way of eclectically mixing everything together. I don't really have a particular style I follow I think it depends on my mood a lot of the time. Being a knitwear designer I am mainly inspired by textures, and I love the work of Craig Lawrence and McQueen. When it comes to art Anselm Kiefer will always be one of my favourites.

Craig lawrence, knitwear, lois albinson, mmu graduate, textiles graduate, knitwear graduate, topshop sales advisor, anselm kiefer painting, alexander mcqueen knitwear
Top row: Craig Lawrence knitwear, Bottom left to right: Anselm Kiefer and Alexander McQueen knitwear.
 What is your favourite high street store and why?
Trying not to be bias, I do think my favourite high street store is Topshop! They are the first off the high street to dilute trends from the catwalks. I think most of the time , depending of how they are styled, clothes from Topshop can definitely look quirky and individual. They are good value for money too! Other than that, I love a good but from American Apparel and urban outfitters.
Would you say you follow trends or do you just buy whatever catches your eye?
I don't think I follow trends...I think on some cases it's difficult because that's what's available in the shops. But I definitely just buy whatever I want whether it's on fashion or not. I like to mix everything together so in most cases I will wear something from Topshop and then add a few charity shop pieces in. I love to layer and the more clothes the better in my case. If I can't decide I don't think twice a out wearing two dresses at once!!
How would you describe your personal style?

I would say I own personal style is a real mix of things! I don't think I have many boundaries when it comes to trying new things! I think I like to combine new and old and I love to make my own I guess you could say I like things that are different! I mix new with vintage so the newer pieces never look the same. I love to layer and I like the contrast of putting girly clothes with more grungy types...I like to have fun with things and I love to try out quirky new styles!
What do you think of British fashion and street style?
I love street style and I think without realising everyone takes inspiration from what other people wear. Living in Manchester is great because i think that there is such a mix of fashion and I love to see people's reflection of fashion! It's an expression of personality and I think it's so interesting to see how people convey that. I have great respect for British fashion and I think that past eras and past trends have made how we dress today! Britain has so much history, which I think has a huge impact in terms of fashion, and it's exciting to see these new trends constantly revisited throughout the years! British designers are innovators and I think they are always at the forefront of fashion!

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