Sunday, 18 August 2013

First day!

"What I would wear today if I could..."

So today is the first day of my new job as Print designer at Stuart Peters.....very nervous/excited!Obviously this means I need a good first day outfit- comfortable without compromising on aesthetics...

Nastygal, Miss Selfridge skirt, quilted skirt, topshop boots, petrol boots, oil effect boots, fringed bag, urban outfitters bag, topshop cami top, topshop top, black coat, black anorak
Anorak(£37.93)Nastygal, Quilted skirt(£25.00)Miss Selfridge, Boots(£92.00)Topshop, Orange cami top(£18.00)Topshop, Fringed bag(£38.00) Urban Outfitters, Necklace(£27.47) Nastygal.

I'm sure I've mentioned on a previous style post how much I love the holographic oil slick effect on shoes/jewellery and this post is evidence of that. These petrol/oil effect chunky wedge boots from Topshop are amazing, so grungy but so comfortable and easy to walk in but they don't come cheap. At £92.00 it's not exactly an impulse buy, more the kind of purchase you have to think about and see how much wear you will get from them. I would love to own these as they're great for summer with the cutout sides but perfect for Autumn/Winter as they have a sturdy chunky heel and grip underneath. 
Anyway enough about the shoes......for my first day I want to look quite professional so I've avoided using any garish prints in this look, instead I have opted for texture. With a beautiful diamond quilted skirt from Miss Selfridge and a fringed bag from Urban Outfitters(which I intend to buy when I get my first paycheck- there may be tears if it's out of stock!) this outfit is professional yet still playful. Although I do want to look professional I am not a fan of wearing all black so I have teamed this outfit with a bold orange cami from Topshop, on trend with the v-neck, this adds a pop of colour to the outfit!

Well, I should probably leave now or my imaginary wardrobe will make me late for my first day... x

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