Monday, 10 March 2014

Milan and Paris fashion week faves!

Two weeks ago I blogged about my favourite collections from New York and London fashion weeks ( and with the fashion weeks now over, here are my favourite collections from Milan and Paris.....

Milan fashion week
Dolce and Gabbana kick off my Milan fashion week faves with a strong woodland themed collection. Bright colours(an interesting and welcome change for the AW season) and an abundance of applique animal trims. All of the animal imagery in this collection is extremely stylised and reminiscent of patchwork animal designs, this creates a very comfortable and homely feel to the collection. 

Next in my list of favourites is Etro. A brand that never disappoints, the A/W 14 collection combined their trademark detailed paisley designs with folkloric inspired prints. Etro showed a collection that was on trend but true to its own style. Tassel necklaces, detailed prints and layered silks- this collection was one of the few that I would happily wear on a day to day basis!

Antonio Marras- another designer from Milan fashion week who presented a collection which included woodland animal imagery. Taking a turn to a more arctic climate, wolves seemed to feature strongly in this collection alongside delicate painted florals. 

MSGM managed to combine several of the key trend for next season in their collection: Dark background florals, painterly brushstrokes, human features and blurred florals. All of which I will be blogging about over the next week.In this collection I particularly loved the delicacy of the ink drip faces and lips.

The painterly trend introduced a few seasons ago is set to continue into A/W 14 and at Milan fashion week no designer championed this trend more than Sportmax. With bold primary colour brushstrokes and Jackson Pollock inspired paint splodge prints, Sportmax showed a collection of rightly coloured artistic chaos. As a chaotic artist, it was only natural that I absolutely loved this trend.

Paris fashion week

Paris....I'll be honest here- I was actually hugely disappointed by the collections at Paris fashion week. Although there were some amazing silhouettes and great knitwear pieces, from a print perspective Paris was very minimalist and quite dull. 

Despite this there were two designers' collections that caught my eye.
Kenzo, of course, has become a consistent feature on my blog. The creative masterminds behind opening ceremony have applied the same 'pzazz'(for want of a better word!)to the Kenzo brand and it seems that whatever Kenzo sends down the catwalk becomes a mega trend. For their A/W 14 collection, prints included mechanical imagery(spanners, screws, cogs etc) curvilinear shapes and zig zag geometrics. With a secondary colour palette: purple, green and orange, reminiscent of tic tacs. It will be interesting to see if the mechanical imagery takes off, I hope it does as it's a nice change from feminine florals and pretty little love hearts!

Yohjhi Yamamoto presented an extremely psychedelic collection of voluminous and exaggerated silhouettes covered in 'trippy' graffiti style prints. The whole collection felt a little like a hallucinogenic induced nightmare, but, after seeing the other Paris collections, the avant garde collection with its insane bursts of colour was more than welcome on the runway!    

So there are the last of my fashion week faves!I am in the process of pulling all my catwalk research together to bring you some print trend boards for A/W 14 and will be posting them over the next week so stay tuned!
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