Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Print trend catwalk analysis A/W 14: Grids and hounds-tooth

I'm trying to break down the print trend posts into groups of two so that it isn't too overwhelming, I have first hand experience that being exposed to too much imagery all at once can really baffle your brain!So here are the next two print trends:

Grids....hitting the AW/13 catwalks hard in the form of traditional tartans, the grid trend is still around. IfI'm completely honest I'm not a huge fan of this trend, in terms of print, there is only so much you can do with a grid to create a contemporary update. In this board I have tried to use examples where I think thegrids used are quite fresh and unique. A particular favourite of mine is the A Detacher dress(No.10) which breaks up the solid grid lines with a mark making effect. When looking at the catwalk print trends I am constantly aware of the implications each trend has on knitwear and how workable each trend is. Unfortunately, grids and tartans can prove problematic with some knit factories as regular, straight lines can be difficult to print. The A Detacher mark making grid could be a great solution to this issue.

Another trend that was surprisingly popular for A/W 14, particularly at New York fashion week, was houndstooth. Another traditional fabric for the Autumn/Winter season, could houndstooth be the 2014 answer to 2013's tartan?I sincerely hope not...but it appears to be making a comeback. Fortunately I did come across some tame and tasteful ways of incorporating the houndstooth print into garments. Despite my distaste for the houndstooth fabric(in my opinion it's almost as bad as the Burberry check)I do love the J by JS Lee take on this trend with the blue to lilac houndstooth ombre(No. 12 below)and the blurred bleach resist effect of the Jil Sander Navy houndstooth trouser. I think both of these techniques are a great way to update the houndstooth print, they completely soften what is in its original black and white format, an overtly garish fabric. Another runway designer who, I feel, worked the houndstooth trend very well was ICB- their broken up houndstooth placement prints against a white base felt fresh and futuristic not garish and overpowering. 

These two trends are not my favourites, but I don't think they should be dismissed as they proved to be very popular featuring in most of the well known collections(Chloe, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang et al.). As with every trend there is always a way of interpreting thing to suit a variety of contexts, although the general consensus on the houndstooth check is that it can only be worn by the daring, the softer ombre interpretations of this trend could prove to be extremely commercial!
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