Thursday, 27 March 2014

Novelty and conversational prints A/W 14

Novelty prints are often my favourite part of the catwalk collections, they never fail to excite and amuse me!This season proved to be no exception!There seemed to be several themes in the novelty/conversational prints for A/W 14; domestic animals(cats&dogs), birds, horses and woodland creatures. Gone are the tropical and exotic animals championed by Kenzo several seasons ago, comforting homely animals are in! 

In the S/S 14 collections faces seemed to dominate the novelty scene, for A/W 14 it was hands!I suppose with such a strong handcrafted, artistic and painterly trend coming through the catwalks it is only to be expected that the hands themselves would become a focus. Included in the collections of Holly Fulton(bejewelled hands), Opening Ceremony(palm outstretched),Karen Walker(mechanical) and Devastee(artistic hands), the popularity of hand imagery was evident throughout all 4 fashion weeks!Of course the painterly art inspired faces that were so prominent in the S/S 14 collections are still present for A/W 14- Sister by Sibling, Andrew GN and Marios Schwab all still had oversized placement faces on the garments in their collections.

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