Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A/W 14 Catwalk print trend analysis: Abstract and Linear

Abstract mark making prints-possibly my favourite trend for A/W 14, which somewhat surprises me as I don't usually buy into abstract prints. I feel like this trend can be broken down into two main groups; scribbly mark making prints and white noise style prints. This print trend focusses on creating abstract textures on flat surfaces, the majority of the prints in this group tend to be very graphic and usually stick to a black and white colour palette. The list of designers who jumped on board this trend is endless but I have included a few who I feel worked the abstract prints best in the trend board below...

The linear trend is another favourite of mine!I was quite shocked that the marble/water ripple prints didn't take off when it was introduced in the S/S 14 collections. I actually raised this question with a few of the design studios at Premiere Vision and their response was that they were only just starting to work on marbling/water ripple briefs so hopefully this trend will gain popularity. 

An interesting observation I made while trawling through countless catwalk images was the development of this linear trend. What began as thick fluid marble-like lines seems to have taken a turn towards more geological contour lines as seen on OS maps. The Linear trend also seems to have decreased in line thickness causing the line formations to take on the appearance of fingerprints, could this be connected to the novelty hand prints that were all over the A/W 14 catwalks?(See next post).

I am finding it extremely interesting analysing prints for A/W 14 after having an insight at Premiere Vision into what the trend predictions are for S/S 15. I feel like, with this knowledge, I am now able to cross-reference what I have identified on the catwalks with future trend predictions to make a more informed decision of which trends I think will stand strong.
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