Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Journalling intentions and featured artist Anahata Katkin!

Recently I've been struggling with working a 9-5(well 9-6 most days) job!Although I am aware of how fortunate I am to have secured a job in the fashion industry, I'm just not 'feeling it'. The whole point of being creative is to have freedom and room for expression, I'm currently working in an environment of controlled creativity which is the complete antithesis of that! I long for the day when I can work for myself and have the freedom, and time, to create works of art that say something about who I am and what I believe in. I'm feeling extremely separate from the fashion industry at the moment, and am finding it empty and lacking in depth.
I feel as though I am pining for a creative outlet that doesn't involve me designing animal prints and polka dots for knitted jumpers and I'm eager to get back into being creative in my own time creating art for myself and no-one else!

I guess I just want time to explore what I'm capable of creating artistically, instead of having this constant  feeling of trapped creativity. 

Way back in art a-level I used to do a lot of journalling and I really enjoyed it, it was a great way to get out my thoughts, collect my inspiration in one place, and let our some creative energy...so I've decided to try and pick it up again. To 'get me in the mood' for art journalling I've been doing some research and thought I'd share it with you on here...

This weekend I have every intention of buying myself a beautiful new sketchbook to use for this and when I finally get around to starting a journal I will upload a few photos so you can all see what I'm working on and what bits and pieces are inspiring me. 

Speaking of inspiration, I came across an amazing illustrator/mixed media artist called Anahata Katkin and I just had to feature her on this blog because her work is so beautiful.

I first came across her around 5 years ago, when I was living back 'up north'. I had found a card she designed(above), which I have held onto until now not knowing who the designer was and I'm
so happy to be able to accredit her for her amazing work.

Katkin is the co-founder of card and interiors boutique 'Papaya' (http;//www.papaya-store.com), what started as a collection of 20 greeting card designs has now expanded into an established business branching out into stationary and soft accessories. This gives me so much motivation as one day I would like to do something similar and start my own brand!

Katkin's mixed media wall art pieces.

I love how Katkin combines painting, graphic illustration and collaging to create these breathtaking works of art and also how she adds typography to the prints adding more depth and meaning.

 Plan of attack for this weekend: make an inspiration book, get some design ideas, get journalling!!!

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