Monday, 10 February 2014

My week in colour day 3: Yellow!

Yet again I missed a blogging day BUT had a lovely trip to deepest, darkest Oxfordshire- the land of the Barbour and flooded fjords. A much needed rejuvinating getaway from London, but I'm back and so SO motivated!

So here is what should have been yesterday's yellow theme colour style post:

Patterned jumper £24.50 (ASOS), Midi-rings £12.50 (Topshop), Jeffrey Campbell 'Myles' boots £121.01 (, Leather skirt £25.99 (Zara), Wire necklace $110/£66.39 (Jamie Spinello design at, bag £62.59 (American Apparel).
I have a lot of love for this outfit! It reminds me of the architectural art deco inspired Holly Fulton prints where yellow dominates her colour palette!

I feel like this outfit is quite tough so I thought I'd keep some consistency by adding some of my favourite Jeffrey Campbell chunky boots. These ones are around £120 which, let's be honest, we can't all afford so I have picked out a selection of high street look-a-likes which are more affordable, you can see these by following this link to my Pinterest board on current style trends:

This skirt is pretty amazing too- it's in a style that seems to be taking over the high street, it's a bit like a mock short wraparound skirt with an asymmetric front!I actually bought myself a skirt similar to this from H&M but couldn't find it online to use in this post but if you're looking for this style skirt most of the high street stores have them in stock (follow this link to see my Pinterest board of high street skorts: I opted for the black leather version because of its versatility but there are some great printed options in Topshop!

Skorts seem to be becoming increasingly popular with fashion bloggers and are the current skirt silhouette of choice. After browsing through hundreds of style blogs on Lookbook,nu I have chosen 3 fashion bloggers who I think have styled the skort in the most interesting ways:

Toshiko is a Californian based, Hong-Kong raised Stylist/Visual Merchandiser who blogs at Growing up around the experimental street style in Hong-Kong  has obviously had a lasting impression on Toshikos' style. 

I am a huge fan of the way she has combined this fresh looking white skort with a basic grey tee and a beautiful floral kimono. The black cutout heels toughen up this outfitto give a perfect balance of masculine and feminine. As can be expected,my favourite thing about this outfit is the necklace, another beautiful piece of jewellery from Holst&Lee( this necklace doesn't come cheap at £179.98, a girl can dream though right?

To see more of Toshikos' style posts visit her website: or check out her looks at:

Another great example of skort styling is from the lookbook of Mint Boutique:

Another kimono/skort combo which works amazingly, seems like I might be getting a little bit latched onto this idea! 

I love how casual this outfit is, the kimono looks loose and comfortable and the echoing of the sharp lines in the crop top and skort works so well!


Chloe Ting is the last of the 3 skort style posts I have found and has styled the skort in a completely different way to the previous examples.

Chloe is a Melbourne based fashion blogger who posts at You can see ore of her lookbook styles at:

I think one of the things I like about her take on the skort is how the styling is much more translatable to the UK climate, this could quite easily be worn as a wintery outift with a pair of tights. The grungey tartan/leather combination from Missguided added to the oversized varsity jumper creates a great slouchy 'style without strain' look. 


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