Thursday, 6 February 2014

My week in colour- Day two: Orange!

Last week I had a monochromatic blog theme, I found it extremely entertaining that today, while researching for more style posts, the theme on the websites of two leading British retailers (Topshop and River Island) were also monochrome. Apparently that's the direction the high street is headed for in the coming season...

Enough about that though, this week is all about colour!Today is the second day of the week and orange is the next colour down in the rainbow. Despite it not being a particularly orange day, drizzle and not even the tiniest patch of blue sky to be seen, I have managed to pull together an outfit where the key piece is orange.

Orange is one of the trickiest colours to wear so I have tried to use it fairly minimally by combining it with darker shades.

Kimono £40.00(ASOS), slip dress £65.00(Topshop boutique), Fringed rucksack £65.00 (Topshop), Make your own necklace £12.00(ASOS), Elephant necklace £7.99 (New Look), Chunky boots £42.00 (River Island).
This outfit is quite summery with the coral orange slip dress and the floral satin kimono! I do absolutely love kimono jackets and frequently float around my house in them pretending I'm in 'The Great Gatsby'-I have such normal pastimes!

I think my favourite pieces in this style post are the necklaces! The new look elephant necklace is so cute and I'm definitely going to be buying one when I get paid! I think the ASOS 'make your own' necklace is a great idea too- a necklace that can say whatever you want, what's not to love!!!

To make up for my pathetic blogging attempt this last week here is a second orange themed style post for today. For this outfit I have moved way from the coral orange to a bright, bold orange.

Boxy top £36.00 (Topshop), Pencil skirt £38.00 (Topshop),necklace £14.09 (HappyHandMaker at, Boots £40.00(River Island), Backpack £17.73 (
I'n not normally a fan of orange but I do love this orange/blue floral colour combo!The oversized print work really well as a two piece as well, the only problem with this outfit is the length of the skirt. As a fairly short person(5ft 0inches) Any skirt that stops at my knee is a pretty bad decision so with this skirt I'd probably have to tuck it into my bra to be able to wear it as a mini!Fortunately the boxy shape of the top means that if I did have to do this, no-one would notice :) 

Artist review: Hundertwasser

Friedensreich Hundertwasser(1928-2000) was an Austrian artist who seemed to reject the accepted use of colour and straight lines. Inspired by figures,natural forms and spirals, Hundertwassers' work is curvilinear,decorative and extremely colourful!

Although I have been trying to blog about upcoming artists that aren't very well known, I think in a week of colour posts Hundertwasser definitely deserves a mention!I think the thing I love most about his work is how linear his paintings are, a particular favourite of mine is the face(above left)that melts into the landscape behind it.

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