Sunday, 28 July 2013

"What I would wear today if I could..."+eagle jewellery trend+ Sarah Angold!

T-shirt(345.00)by Illustrated people, Disco pants(£16.99), necklace(£12.50) topshop, sandals(£20.08) Tina Nie's stoere at, vintage bag(£16.00)

I'm not usually a big fan of leopard print but I think the way it's used just on the sleeves of this oversized tee is brilliant!I'm looking after my younger brother today as he has popped down to London for a trip, so essentially I'm 'the boss' for the weekend- this top could not be more appropriate!

I found these gorgeous sandals on, which is fast becoming my favourite place to shop for shoes for my imaginary wardrobe. Their prices are amazingly low and,there are some great shoe styles on there as well, they have a huge variety of flatforms,I would definitely suggest that everyone gets on there and buys a pair....or 3!
Lastly, the necklace....birds seem to feature in all the high street jewellery collections at the moment, eagles being a particular favourite!In my experience this is something we shouldn't ignore as so many high street trends begin as jewellery trends- the evil eye and hamsa for example both started as a jewellery trend.

I decided to jump onto this eagle trend and bought the below necklace from Miss Selfridge for only £3.50. Although this eagle is a lot more simple than those in Topshop and on, it's in line with my, very small, budget and I'm going to attempt to customize it in my new "let's make my own jewellery"spirit....I'll let you know how that goes!

Finally, while browsing the shops yesterday I came across Sarah Angold who has recently secured a small concession in Topshop's freedom jewellery range.The collection is amazing and has a very art deco aesthetic. The designer uses her skills in laser cutting to create this extremely graphic jewellery range and I just love the holographic effect of the plastic she uses. It's always great to see a new designers handmade range in a high street giant like Topshop, it shows that the British high street is still interested in British designers and manufacture, even if it is on a relatively small scale!

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