Thursday, 18 July 2013

Style blogs!

Recently I have been looking at a lot of style blogs, and getting increasing envious of the wardrobes of other people!Although I love everything in my wardrobe, I never seem to have anything to wear- standard cliched female dilemma! 

I would love to incorporate the daily style blog format into my own blog but am concerned that my current wardrobe just isn't where I'd like it to be at!As a solution to this, and as an excuse for me to still shop despite a lack of funds, I have decided to do a daily style blog of what I would wear if I had limitless money!This may backfire and cause me to get confused and think I actually own the garments but a girl can dream right

I love how affordable Daisy street is and they have such a unique range of clothing. I have a pair of emerald green disco pants from here which were an absolute steal at £22.99 and this two piece is another great bargain.....hurry up payday I want my two piece!

Below are 2 of the style blogs I have decided to follow- both very different but I love the way these girls put their outfits together!

First up Helena at a  Fashion Media and Promotion student living in Brighton. 

I've always thought Brighton would be an amazing place to live, although I've never been I imagine everyone to dress in, dare I say it, a "quirky" way- this idea is mainly based on the fact that the shoe brand 'Irregular choice' have their head office in Brighton and their range is just plain awesome! 

Irregular choice, one of my favourite shoe brands!It's basically art in shoe form!

Recent Style shots from

Helena's brightly coloured wardrobe seems to be testament to my pre-conceived notion that everyone in Birghton dresses in a unique way! So many of her recent posts have been of her wearing amazing matching two pieces made by her mum, since seeing them I am just desperate to get my hands on a printed two piece- hence the choice of my "what I would wear today if I could" outfit choice!

Second  blog discovery is Lily Melrose-a 22 yr old blogger and graphic and media design graduate living in London currently working as a social media consultant.

 these two bloggers styles could not be more different. Lily has a very clean style but has an obvious eye for print. I've selected some of my favourite looks which you can see below!

Well that's all for now, just wanted to give you an update on what I intend to do with this blog. Tomorrow's the first day of lovebox which I am attending- my first festival YAY! I intend to take a ridiculous amount of photos and blog about festival fashion at some point this weekend :) x

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