Thursday, 25 July 2013

"What I would wear today if I could..."

"What I would wear today if I could..."

Recently I have been working on a Clover Canyon brief which focuses on the Winter Palace in Moscow and the obvious affluence shown through rich decoration and ornamentation. The deadline is drawing near and so for a final push of inspiration I would, in an ideal world, wear this 'Church fade' Illustrated People tee. 

I love the Illustrated People range and whenever I come across items in their Topshop concession or while browsing on ASOS I am always drawn to their unique digital prints. Illustrated people is a group of designers/illustrators who are based in a studio in East London where all of their designs are hand printed. Not only are their designs inspiring and original , they are also a perfect example of British manufacture and prove that garments produced in the UK can still be affordable!

Bag(£20.00), Necklace(£9.79/$14.99) Anetejewelry on, T-shirt(£22.50) Illustrated people, Silver disco pants(£22.99), Shoes(£44.47)

I love how laid back and easy this outfit would be to wear, although I'm not so sure how good an idea it is to wear lycra disco pants n our current weather. I'm sure I have posted about daisystreet's disco pants on numerous occasions but I still can't recover from the shock of how affordable they are- only £22.99 in comparison to the original American Apparel version at £74.00!!!

Another item in this outfit which I think is an absolute steal is this gold insect necklace from at £9.79!Etsy always seems to have such a unique selection of items, both handcrafted and from suppliers. it takes quite a lot of patience and trawling through pages, but there are some beautiful things on there!This insect necklace, as well as being extremely well priced, is bang on trend for AW 13/4 imitating Lanvin's insect brooches perfectly.

Details from Lanvin's AW 13/14 collection and some Insect necklaces in Topshop's current jewellery collection.

While browsing on ASOS for things to items to put in my blog I noticed that they have a vast selection of printed summer jackets at the moment!I love them all, it's probably a good thing I'm only online window shopping and not actually purchasing items as I might just have to buy them all!

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