Tuesday, 23 July 2013

"What I would wear today if I could..."

As every other Londoner, today's weather has caught me at a loss about what to wear, so I opted for shorts and a loose River Island top!

"What I would wear today if I could"....

Scallop hem shorts(£32.00) Topshop, Top(£44.27) Nastygal.com, Perspex bag(£39.00) ASOS.com, Silver chain necklace(£12.00) ASOS.com, The most amazing lime green Jeffrey Campbell rip-offs in existence(£26.22)Aliexpress.com.
After all the thunderstorms and rain the city feels a little bit fresher today so lime green would be ideal!Nastygal.com seems set to become a constant feature in my "What I would wear today if I could" blog and who can blame me- they seem to have consistently good, on trend clothing at a decent price. This top is no exception and I love the black tie dye style background with the lime green florals on top!

These shoes are an absolute steal at £26.22/$40.27 an identical rip-off of the Jeffrey Campbell Puff SS-DP in Green Neon which retail at  around £125.00!
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