Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!!!

So..... oddly, and somewhat ironically, after broadcasting my new outlook on life about being "single and free and able to move around and blah blah blah" it seems that someone out there is calling my bluff.... on Friday I will, once again, be relocating- this time to Belgium.

I will still be working for C&A but will be transferring to their offices in Brussels. A the transfer involves moving to a different country(again!) I am getting a whole new relocation package  which includes another 3 months free rent. Finally I will be able to pay off the multiple overdrafts I procured while pursuing a design career in London- FYI to all employers in the fashion industry £15k is not a realistic salary to live in London! 

My path so far: London- Dusseldorf- Brussels.

Anyway, moving on from that slight jab at the fashion/retail industry, I am SO excited to move to Brussels. I've made a really great group of friends here in Dusseldorf who I will be sad to leave but moving countries doesn't break friendship bonds and I am in no doubt that we will stay in contact. A few of them are actually driving me to Brussels on Friday to help me move- such babes!

In preparation for the move I thought I would do some Brussels related research as all I know of Belgium is chocolate, waffles and Bruges. I was amazed to find that Brussels is home to so much amazing art nouveau architecture. Art nouveau has always been my favourite art/design movement with it's fairytale curvilinear architecture and it's loose lines/shapes. It actually surprised me to find that many of the doorways and buildings I have pinned on pinterest(yes I have a favourite architecture pinterest board) are actually located in Brussels. Geek that I am, I am already planning and Art nouveau architecture hunt around the city. At no point did I claim to be a chic fashionista type- I am an awkward geek through and through.

Brussels architecture!

Also the art. Oh the art! Rene Magritte, one of my favourite surrealist painters next to Salvador Dali, was Belgian and there is a museum of his work in Brussels. I, of course, cannot wait to go.

Magritte museum and a few of his paintings.

Seeing as I have reveled my, not so inner, geek side I can also share how excited I am to be moving to such a historical city. Brussels was founded in 969 so I am expecting it to be rich in exciting historical finds! As the capital of the EU  and home to NATO headquarters, I am hoping to meet a variety of international friends. 

So there's my most recent piece of news.....it appears I am accidentally working my way across Europe.

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