Thursday, 25 June 2015

My new life in Brussels...

The Grand place, Belgian moules(which I ate on my own with a glass of wine in a moment of bravery and independence) and some little side streets. One thing I love about Brussels is how narrow side streets can lead to vast intricately designed squares. 

I am now officially living in Brussels. Today I signed a 1 yr lease on a new flat which I will be moving into on Saturday- I AM SO EXCITED!!!

As you can see I am feeling quite enthusiastic about my new place. It's located near the Sablon area of Brussels in a quiet little backstreet with a cobbled road and trailing vines going up the side of the building. Somehow I have managed to find an affordable studio apartment with a central location that lives up to my romantic notion of living in Brussels- pretty miraculous! 

Quick summary of my new abode...It's an attic studio with whitewashed floorboards and wooden ceiling beams. It is rounded like a princess tower which gives more weight to my romantic fantasies of living in Europe. No doubt I will post hundreds of photos on here and on instagram (beckyloisburns) in the coming weeks but here are a few from the online advertisement as a little teaser..

My new job is also pretty amazing. I'm kept really busy designing prints for various different areas of menswear: formal, casual shirts and swimwear. The office itself is also a great space. The building itself is nothing particularly special but the interior has been styled in such a creative way that I just had to share it with you...

Apologies for this being so short but I have heaps to do before moving and I also need to check the catwalks and get working on some Pre-S/S 16 trend boards.


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