Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday review

I'm quite enjoying doing a Sunday review post(as you can tell because is the only part of my new format I have actually stuck to so far!). Its a great way of reminding me whats happened in my week and, although this sounds cliche, I feel like it's making me appreciate the positive aspects of my life a bit more!In London it's extremely easy to get caught up in the rat race and because life seems so fast in this busy, bustling city we forget to step back and take a few seconds to appreciate the simplicity of life and the moments that bring us joy. 

This week my life seems to have had a huge injection of joy. For the first part of the week I was back home in Lancaster(up north) enjoying the comforts of being around my family and topping up on love, cuddles and proper meals. Spending days sketching in the sunshine, ambling across the beach and visiting the quaint village church in Heysham, by Tuesday evening I was feeling calm and carefree. Until I attempted to get the train home which was running 90 minutes late and meant that I didn't get to my new home in Dalston until 2 am...cue the fleeing of my carefree feelings....

Wednesday morning marked my return to the rat race. It would be wrong to say I was dreading going back to work, but I wasn't particularly enamored by the idea either. I guess that's the general feeling after a few days off. Despite this, Wednesday was a pretty good day as I had been invited to the Launch party for the new NokiaLumia360 where some of my work was being exhibited in a popup store. So at 7pm my friend and I stumbled our way to Brick lane's Truman Brewery, drank ample amounts of red wine, ate sumptuous grilled cheese sandwiches(all free!!!) and pottered around the exhibits. It was so rewarding to see my work being exhibited for the first time, especially after it had been such a struggle to get the printed tote bags to the gallery on time #couriercomplications.  

Aside from the Launch party my week has been relatively chilled out. A particular highlight of this week was Thursday- I managed to rush away from work on time(for once!) and get to Hampstead heath ponds in time for a post work swim. It was the hottest day of the year so far and such an idyllic evening, so my friend and I indulged ourselves with a prosecco infused picnic.

On Friday night my new housemate and I ventured into Dalston for a few drinks to celebrate the weekends' return. I  had the chance to wear my b-e-a-uuuuutiful new floor length kimono that was an absolute steal at £12.00 from TK Maxx. Saturday was pretty much a write off due to the aforementioned drinks, but I did make the impulsive decision to get a tattoo on Saturday evening. I've been thinking about getting another tattoo for quite some time now and ,due to my constant complaints about perpetual singleness, I figured getting 'faith' tattooed on my ring finger was appropriate. It can act as a reminder that I'll meet someone someday and will hopefully prompt me into patience.

So that's my week: beach ambles at home, portrait sketching, launch party/exhibition, Hampstead heath swimming and prosecco picnic, Friday fun and a new tattoo. Not bad!

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