Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday review

As is plain to see,I have once again been slacking on the blog front. I am, however, keen to actually commit to the new format, so here is my very first Sunday review. I am currently back up in the North to celebrate my Dads' 50th birthday. I took a few extra days off work so that I could make it an extra long weekend,a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of London which I can hopefully use to get back on top of some blogging. 

In my new format, I said Sunday would be a day to review my week and look at the week coming up. I also said that I would write a review of a gallery/exhibition/event I have been to during the week. As I have been at home this week I haven't really had chance to do anything review-able so I'm going to have to skip that part for now.

For me this week has been quite hectic,hence the lack of online presence. I'm quite an impulsive person at times and hate feeling like my life isn't advancing in some way, whether that be in my career or in my home life. As I have no power over career advancements at the moment,I made the somewhat drastic decision to move out- I decided this on Monday and moved out on Wednesday!Although I am extremely sad to leave the creative, bohemian atmosphere of the warehouse, I needed a change. I will be sharing a room with one of my closest(and oldest) friends for 2 months which, although cramped, will be a great way to save some money for whatever the next step in my life might be.

Other than the move, I have spent this week finishing off a few commissions and creating my dads' birthday pigeon. is my week in photos...

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