Saturday, 26 July 2014

Resort 2015 trends post!

Once again this is an overdue post but I've been quite busy figuRing out what to do with my life, redoing my portfolio then editing the reworked portfolio. I've also been visiting some studios to try and find a place to set up so I can get some independent work done. I have actually managed to find a shared studio space in one of the Hackney Wick warehouse which I have paid the rent for and will be moving my arty stuff in to next weekend so I will post a few photos of it on here when I have some. I'm hoping that I'll feel a lot more motivated to do work in my spare time If I'm already paying for a place. 

On a more positive note I have passed 50,000 page views so I'm taking a cringey moment to thank all of you that read my sporadic blog posts for your support and your continued reading. It's really re-assuring to know that people are actually reading what I'm writing and makes it a bit more worthwhile.

Despite my new blog format, which I am still very keen on, this post is actually a trend post for the recent resort 2015 collections.

The seventies trend seemed to be quite big throughout the resort collections,  not just in the geometric and paisley printed garments, but also in the styling of the collections and the garments shapes. Longer length hippie styles, capri trousers, polo necks and oversized shirt colours were all popular and there was a strong 70's colour palette of earth mustards, rust oranges and turquoise/electric blue tones.

Red&Blue colour combinations seemed to be a strong trend across all of the Resort 2015 catwalks.

As we all know florals are a recurring trend for Spring and the Resort 2015 collections featured 3 different floral trends:

- Linear florals: Line based illustrative floral shapes, minimal colours.

- Painterly florals: Watercolour effect petals, loose lines, blurred effects, hand painted.

- Simple/flat florals: Pop art-esque, solid flat areas of colour, thick lines, moroccan tile florals.

The abstract trend from A/W 2014 is still present in the Resort 2015 collections but not as strong as in the previous collections.

One of my favourite trends seeping through the catwalk collections at the moment is the Moroccan tile trend.This trend feels extremely fresh and unexplored with its bright topaz and turquoise tones against rich reds and oranges, could this be the print that marks the festival season for next year?I hope so!
 First introduced in A/W 14 by the likes of Temperley, KTZ and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, this trend has been championed through the Resort 2015 collections by Chanel, Thakoon and Tia Cibani. In my opinion Chanel's Moroccan tile collection will be the Resort 15's equivalent to Burberry's' recent painterly collection and Celine's abstract brush strokes. When prestigious fashion houses like Burberry or Chanel move away from their trademark design style the fashion industry pays attention and a trend is born. This is what I think will happen with the Moroccan tile trend.  

Another trend that seems to be coming through in the Resort 2015 is a more primitive trend. A move on from the abstract trend featuring prints inspired by tie dye, aboriginal art and loose mark-making.

As predicted at Premiere Vision, tropical prints were huge in the Resort 2015 collections. There seemed to be a lean towards painted watercolour tropical prints in softer muted colours.

As has come to be expected in recent years, animal prints were also popular. In recent collections we have seen a move towards giraffe and zebra prints and brightly coloured leopard prints. For the Resort 15 collections, designers seem to have regressed back into more earthy, natural animal prints, leopard and snakeskin being particularly popular.

Stripes and Spots were also very popular in the recent collections. Opening Ceremony and Tsumori Chisato were probably two of my favourites for this trend.

Another thing I have noticed while browsing through the Catwalk collections was a lack of conversational and novelty prints, which is why I have yet to create a conversational board. 

Well I hope you've enjoyed looking at my take on the Resort 2015 catwalk trends. I won't be posting anything for the next week as I am on holiday but I will try my best to make a post next weekend showing you my new studio and what I've been working on!

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