Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kris Tate and Tata Cristiane.

I came across Kris Tate's work today on tumblr and I love her style! The way she combines brightly coloured geometrics with monochrome animal photographs is amazing and falls perfectly in line with WGSN's cosmic folk trend, she also gives a nod to the fantasy folklore trend with animals in her artwork wearing 'hipster' clothing.

Kris Tate- https://www.facebook.com/kristateillustrations

Kris Tate- https://www.facebook.com/kristateillustrations

I am aware that I seem to be talking about WGSN a little/a lot, but below is the collaged AW 13-14 collection of Tata Cristiane entitled "Le Troisième Oeil" which I, of course, stumbled across on WGSN!

With the title "the third eye", this collection refers to the invisible eye which is thought to provide perception beyond ordinary sight. Although this collection possesses a different meaning to the other popular eye imagery of AW13, shown in Kenzo and Concept Korea (see blog entry on the evil eye), "Le Troisième Oeil" demonstrates the popularity of the eye on AW13 catwalks.

Based simply on aesthetics and the way the lookbook has been presented Tata Cristiane's collection looks exciting, fresh and vibrant with a brilliant contrast between photographic imagery and repeat patterns.

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