Monday, 10 June 2013

Dichoric glass and Minjae Lee

In Preparation for when I finally start attempting to make necklaces, I figured I'd buy all the things I need first(procrastination in denial), I have bought some of this amazing dichoric glass from I love the patterns and the iridescent colours and think that pieces of this glass could look amazing attached to a basic metal collar.

In my spare time, i.e the hour I get for my lunch break, I seem to have got into the routine of googling graphic illustrators. I can honestly say that there are some amazing artists out there whose talents and creativity I am unashamedly jealous of. I really need to get into the habit of working on some sketches and illustrations in my spare time, although I do this as my day job and sketch/paint for the freelance prints I do fro Black Cherry, I really miss creating artworks that are personal and just for my own enjoyment.

Below are some graphic illustrations by Minjae Lee, a South Korean artist I had the good fortune to come across on my daily google today. I am absolutely fascinated with the way he juxtaposes intricate patterns and hand drawn photo realistic sketches. The usage of monochrome figures and contrasting pops of vivid colours is something I have always strived to use in my own work and I love the way Lee has used this technique. His illustrations are truly inspirational and unique while still managing to be quite editorial.

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