Friday, 7 June 2013

Freelance work update: Cavalli torture!

Left:Just Cavalli Fall 2013 , Right: Parts of my designs based on the Just Cavalli collection.

This last month has been horrific in terms of work, freelance work in particular. 
After being given a brief to interpret Just Cavalli's Fall 13 collection(shown above left) any creativity I had seemed to posses instantly dried up making it extremely difficult to complete the project. The level of detail in Just Cavalli's work is unbelievable and trying to interpret that in my own way without the designs looking like an imitation of the originals was difficult to say the least. I managed to get it into my head that this brief was impossible and the more I tried to create the designs the more challenging the task became.

Fortunately I was told this week that I have sold 2 designs from my tribal collection in Milan and 1 design from my Peter Pilotto collection in Barcelona- This news seems to have provided me with the motivation I needed to finish the Cavalli brief ( Parts of my designs are shown next to the original Just Cavalli collection above). It's extremely reassuring when someone buys one of my designs as it proves to me that I'm not wasting my time with freelance work, which is how I've been feeling lately. I was particularly encouraged with the design sold in Barcelona as this was taken from the first freelance brief I carried out and I'm excited to see what garment shapes all the designs are used on and what companies they were sold to.

Top: 2 tribal designs sold in Milan, Underneath: Peter Pilotto inspired design sold in Barcelona.

I have already been presented with my next brief which, Oh joy, is more Cavalli!
Fortunately this brief is to create designs around Roberto Cavalli's Fall 13 collection which is less garish than his Just Cavalli collection; I am actually quite looking forward to getting started. 

Below is a link to my Pinterest board where I've started to collate my research. I'm looking forward to trying to paint the dark baroque florals that feature in these designs as I'm not used to painting florals it should present an interesting challenge.

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