Thursday, 25 February 2016

Autumn/Winter 2016 Menswear trends: Colour palette and styling

Now for the colour section...for once the colour combinations actually excited me more than the prints. The general colour palette for Autumn/Winter 2016 menswear is deep(black, dark green and inky blue), earthy(cinnamon, amber and camel) and quite retro(wine, teal and yellow). There was an astonishing amount of black on the runway with some designers opting to have entirely dark collections. As a contrast to this, there was also a bright blue and red/orange colour combination which prevented the collections from feeling too moody. 

I won't write much more about the colours as these boards are pretty self explanatory...(I hope!)

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Autumn/Winter 2016, A/W16, AW2016, autumn fashion, menswear collections, menswearAW16, Menswear trends, autumn colour palette, autumnal,

Another few trends I picked up on related to fabric choices, two contrasting fabric trends in particular caught my attention. Firstly I noticed the large amount of Shine and shimmer fabrics, this had also been an obvious trend in the Womens Pre-fall 2016 collections and so I was already looking to see if it would develop/gain popularity in menswear. It did. With designers such as Vivienne Westwood and J W Anderson and collections from Topman design and Calvin Klein collection all jumping on board with this trend to make a shimmering metallic runway. 

On the flip side of this there was an obvious preference for matte leather over shiny polished leather jackets. 

Velvet was another fabric trend that aught my attention, I have begun looking at the womenswear A/W 16 trends already and have noticed that velvet seems to be a popular fabric choice in all areas. I am not particularly surprised by this as the general atmosphere of current catwalk menswear seems to be rebellious, punk inspired and a little bit dark...dark themes tend to align themselves with black and velvet quite nicely.

Not so much a fabric, more of a fabric effect, embroidered denim began to emerge in the Spring/Summer 2016 collections and seems to have continued into Autumn/Winter with big fashion houses like Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, D&G and Gucci all showing their support. Applique, print, studding and embroidery are a few of the many effects the designers seem to be playing around with using on denim.

Badges and patches, particularly for outerwear, are something I am often asked to do for work, they are also one of the things I find most tedious. I find it extremely hard to get inspiration for graphic badge design and so coming across a few in the runway collections was extremely helpful.

Generally I'm so focussed on looking at the prints to spot trends that I forget to look at the garments themselves, but even I couldn't miss these two trends. Oversized was a huge('scuse the awful pun) trend throughout the menswear collections particularly in relation to sleeve length and the size of utility pockets.

Well that is everything I have to offer for menswear for Autumn/Winter 2016 so I hope you find it useful. Hopefully I will find it easier to identify mens print trends as time goes on :)

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