Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Relocation time once again!

I ended my last post with "I have no post Ghana plans at all and I'm actually quite fine with that".....I need to retract that statement as things have already changed. I am now moving to Switzerland.

Summary of my relocations so far: Heysham- London - Dusseldorf(Germany) - Brussels(Belgium) - Briefly back to Heysham - Accra(Ghana) - Basel(Switzerland).

When I returned to the UK at the beginning of November one of my main fears was that my life was about to become incredibly dull so, in true Becky style, I fired a haphazard prayer up to the big man requesting an interesting life.....hilariously enough I have got exactly what I wished for but now have 2 weeks to pack all of my worldly possessions into boxes to relocate to Switzerland the day after I return from Ghana. Challenging to say the least.

So...why am I relocating AGAIN? I have been offered a job- a 9-5pm in fashion retail, as a graphic/print designer.....I am fully aware that this post is completely contradictory to those previously written. As the famous Robbie Burns- who I like to pretend is my distant relative- once said: 

"the best laid schemes o' mice an' men, gang aft a-gley"
(in other words all my greatest plans have gone to shit hahaha)

... this seems to be the story of my life. I had planned a life of independancy and self funded success as a wildly creative, incredibly humanitarian, bohemian frequenting festivals in my beautifully decorated van boutique, owner of a thriving creative business where I would spend all of my days creating artworks and prints and getting gloriously rich from it*breathe*.... Yeah, yeah I know it's an overly romanticised borderline impossible idea... but I'm a bit of an idealist so, in my head, this idea was completely credible and definitely beat working a 9-5 in Belgium. What I did not anticipate is that starting a business is actually quite difficult and I am not remotely ready/prepared to start something like a mobile boutique. I still want to, and I am vehemently interested in setting up a sustainable and ethical illustration/printed fashion business ...but I should probably figure out how to go about it before quitting stability and stepping into the unknown! Basically I have chickened out a little bit, apparently you also need something called money to set up a business- who knew!

To set the scene a little here... I knew I wanted to quit my job in Belgium back in March and I started looking for other jobs, I had a few interviews for various places, got extremely annoyed with the recruitment process and promptly gave up looking. I managed to hold out until August and then handed my notice in despite having no job offers - I couldn't spend my life doing something I didn't enjoy just for monetary reasons(ironic seeing as my main reason for applying for a new job is for money). One of the companies I had interviewed for back in July was Tally Weijl- to those of you based outside of mainland Europe this is a young brand similar to New look and is sold as a concession in Lipsy and Next. At the time of my first interview the company was moving it's head offices from Paris to Switzerland so a few jobs were opening up. I had initially been recruited for a Graphic design role and this then became a shape design role, which I was asked to interview separately for and so another interview project was needed. 

First Project- Shape design

Second project- Shape design with technical files

Having little to no shape design experience I obviously didn't get the position, this didn't come as a surprise to me. I was, however, surprised to have got down to the last two candidates...Anyway, at the end of November, I was contacted by the company again saying they had another Graphic design role they wanted me to apply for and they weren't going to advertise it until I had interviewed...so I did. After having spoken to the company about numerous different positions, I didn't really have high hopes of getting the job....I did a project for them(with only 2 days to work on it) and they got back to me within a day offering me the position. So as of March 2017 I will be the new Graphic designer at Tally Weijl based in Basel, Switzerland. YAY!

Third(and final) project

Despite my idealistic 'tex can' van plan not quite working out, I am looking forward to the adventure of living in another different country. It has actually come with perfect timing- as always! If I had been offered the job when I applied on the 2 previous occasions I would not have been able to do any personal design work; I wouldn't have been able to do the Christmas card designs or the new artworks for the market stall and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to volunteer in Ghana. As part of the job negotiations I have made sure I am still able to do the volunteer project, which is absolutely amazing! Obviously I am a little disappointed in myself for not being able to start a business right now, but I strongly believe in there being "a time for everything"(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). In my experience, the longer something takes to come to fruition, the more longevity it has. So I am willing to wait to start my business; to keep trying out my own designs to see if people like them, to spend time learning and engaging with my audience until I am ready, confident and credible enough to turn it into something successful. American businessman and motivational speaker, Farrah Gray, once said "build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs", I have decided that I don't mind helping build someone else's dreams- as long as they pay me well and I can set up my own business on the side.  After all....

In my previous 'plan' post I said:

" I don't think it's ever going to be the right time to try and start up your own business and I don't think you ever feel like you have enough finances to get going, but I would rather try it out now when I have little to risk"

I tried, I opened myself up to the idea of setting up a business alone and it didn't fail, I have just had to mark it as 'pending'. The artworks and products all sold, people loved the Christmas cards and the illustrations so I've got a bit more confidence in myself and in my ability to create something commercial and unique. This being said, it made me realise that I have absolutely no idea how to set up a business, I don't know where to get my products manufactured and I don't know what products I even want to create, on top of this I also have no money. I know that in the same blog post I also mocked myself about how I always say, "the timing hasn't been right"or "I don't have enough savings" or "I don't know where to make a start"  these aren't things that should hold you back from starting a business......but not having any idea how to start a business or what to sell is.

Many of you will remember the recent post where I laid out my plans to go to Ghana and volunteer with Global mamas, I've referred to it often enough in this post haha (http://textilecandy.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/the-plan.html) .....I now have less than 3 weeks before I embark on this adventure and I am underprepared to say the least. Having never been to this part of Africa before, I've only ever been to Egypt, I have no idea what to pack. I have yet to finalise my Visa, I still have 2 vaccinations to get before leaving along with my malaria prescription. There is so much to do that I haven't really had time to get properly excited about it.

I know I seem like a bit of a sellout by complaining about the fashion industry, quitting it, boasting about my new plan and then taking a new job effectively doing the same thing, BUT this time I'm going to use it as a springboard...hopefully. I'm going to save money and research starting a new business properly, attempt to make a business plan and learn all I can from the new company I'll be working for. 

So there's my up to date plan for 2017....If anyone who reads this little old blog of mine has any advice for moving to Switzerland/hotpsots to visit/ nice little eateries there I would love to hear about them!!!I would also really appreciate any information people can give me on places to visit in/around Ghana as I will be there for 6 weeks and will have free weekends to explore!

I'm hopefully going to do one more post before the New year, a summary of my year type post so you will all be hearing from me soon :) x

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