Sunday, 11 October 2015

Zandra Rhodes Spring/Summer 2016 collection and my new Instagram theme

Zandra Rhodes Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

I was happy to see that Zandra Rhodes showed a new Spring/Summer 2016 collection at London fashion week. In my 2nd year at University(back in 2011) I did a 2 week internship at her studio in Bermondsey, London. It was quite an experience- I spent time working on stylised designs in her studio, looked through her archives of previous collections and was able to look around her penthouse apartment. The internship left a lasting impression on me and became a benchmark for me to work towards. I would love to live above my own studio and have my own design brand.

Zandra Rhodes' apartment. Images taken from: google and

Rhodes' penthouse apartment is so unbelievably colourful- such a reflection of her personal style. I used to, and still do, love colour but in recent years I have tried to tone down how I dress to avoid people seeing me as the crazy artsy type. I've decided to give up doing this, I like colour, sometimes I might wear a little too much but I've come to the conclusion that life's too short to dress for other people. 

One day I want to be able to wear my own designs and create my own style completely from scratch. Until then I'm going to start dressing for myself, matching colours and prints together fearlessly without concerning myself about other people's opinions. 

One day I want to have my own brand showcasing my own illustration work and creating my own prints for garments. A big part of being successful in contemporary culture is how you use social media. I keep talking about getting back into blogging and being better at promoting myself and yet I don't seem to have much follow through on my plans. So in an attempt to get things moving a bit faster I have decided to sort out my instagram and give it a colour theme. 
I want to use it to show things that inspire me: artists/designers I like, images from nature, quotes to keep me motivated, architectural design,a few obligatory selfies/style posts and photos of my own work. Hopefully this new layout will encourage me to get back into doing more drawing too as I will have to be creating illustration content for the planned posts. I'm aiming to do 2 posts per day and will follow the layout below. 
To give you a quick idea of what the content might look like I've filled some of the boxes with previously posted instagram photos and have used the same black and white photos in all 3 colour combinations. 
I'm hoping that by doing this I can gain more followers and get more people interested in commissioning me to do illustrations. I guess I'm kind of seeing this as a step towards going solo in the design/illustration world. 

As most of my illustrations end up monochrome(I always fear that colour might ruin them) I want to make sure that this is worked into my instagram colour theme, although I do not want it to be entirely black and white- I love colour far too much for that. I have settled on alternating between colour and monochrome images to creative a checkerboard pattern.
I also intend to create a rainbow effect on my instagram feed. I will work with a 15 image rotation as can be seen above and will change colour theme every 15 images starting with pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (it has to be done in reverse order so that when viewers scroll down a rainbow effect is created). On completion of all 7 colours of the rainbow  I will do 15 images of an interesting colour combination as can be seen below.

I'm actually really excited about getting started on this and I'm quite pleased with how these mock up layouts look but, as always, would love some feedback on them if anyone has any suggestions for improvements?Or equally if you like how these look please let me know :) I'll be doing my first 2 posts tomorrow starting with a rainbow colour palette to introduce the new theme.
If you want to check whether or not I'm actually sticking to this new idea my instagram is: beckyloisburns

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