Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pre-Fall 2015 colour trends

As it's still the first month of the year I feel like I'm still allowed to make some new years resolutions. One of which is to be more consistent with my blog posts, an essential part of this will be to keep up to date with trends over the next few months as it is Premiere vision in February and the new collections for Autumn/Winter 2015 will becoming out. In the spirit of this new resolution I have started looking over all the Pre-fall 2015 collections to identify some trends to watch out for in the fall collections in February. This post is the Pre-fall 2015 colour trend post...

I am so pleased that blue seems to be taking over the runway. By far my favourite colour, there is a shade of blue that works for everyone. Although most people seem to opt for safer navy and ink blues, I could not be happier that it is the brighter cobalt blue that the designers have opted for. 

This is by far my favourite colour trend from the Pre-fall 15 collections. Pairing blue and yellow creates such a fresh new colour combination. I love the way Sachin&Babi and Missoni have worked this colour scheme into their collection through colour blocking and pattern mixing- it seems a lot les frightening when toned down with pattern. This being said, Giulietta and Alexander Lewis have opted for block colours but have made them work perfectly with 70's styling and toned down shades of ochre yellow and denim blue.  I will definitely be embracing this when the rest of London resorts to their winter uniform of black, navy and grey.

The popularity of lime green on the S/S 15 catwalks has darkened to jade and emerald shades for the Pre-fall collections.  These shades fit perfectly into the movement towards jewel tones for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Another addition to the overall jewel colour trend is a variety of purple shades from darker indigo to mauve and lilac. The collection that seemed to champion the jewel tones for Pre-fall 15 was, undoubtedly, Bottega Veneta.

Orange!!!So SO much orange! I always think of orange as being an extremely hard colour to wear as if you're skin tone is even remotely pinkish(which mine definitely is)it tends to clash. Despite this I do love the vibrancy of this colour trend and can see how there are ways of making orange work. The Alice&Olivia orange skirt has to be my favourite way of introducing orange into a collection, By toning it down with a darker top and adding pattern to break up the solid colour orange suddenly becomes a lot less intimidating!

Warm earthy cinammon, rust and camel tones provide some balance for the bright jewel colours that are set to be popular in A/W 15. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and Chloe have worked this colour scheme into their collections perfectly by keeping the warm tones together.These warm tones are also featuring alongside varying shades of blue, Gucci with rich dark cerulean and Rag&Bone with Ink blue.

Khaki has gained a lot of popularity in the Pre-fall collections. It seems to have been absent from the runway for several seasons but has re-emerged in full force with designers such as Burberry Prorsum, Alexander Wang and Chanel all featuring khaki tones in their collections. Designers draw inspiration from the world around them and with the current increase in military presence in so many countries, it is to be expected that colours and styles associated with the military will begin to feature on the runway.

So those are the main colour trends that I have picked up on. If anyone has noticed any other ones I have missed I would definitely be interested to know!I'll be posting the Pre-fall 15 print trends over the next few weeks before the Fall collections start coming out.

P.S Some of you may notice that I have changed my blog background to a houndstooth print made up of some of my own patterns. I'm pretty convinced that houndstooth is going to be a key print trend for Autumn/Winter 2015. I'm going to try and change the background image of my blog with each new season.

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