Monday 20 October 2014

Exhibition work and my attempt at a shabby chic effect frame!

Apologies for the lack of posts this month, I've been extremely(massive understatement) stressed about the exhibitions I'm doing which both start this month. As I write this I am currently sat in my lovely dishevelled room in Clapton pond attempting a shabby chic effect on some picture frames for the Parallax Art fair event in Chelsea town hall. It's not going too well at this stage so I'm giving myself a time out while I, quite literally, wait for paint to dry...

I obviously decided I didn't have enough work to do and being the thrifty/tight pursed person I am decided to source my frames from local charity shops to reduce the price. A good idea in theory  but apparently getting something to look sufficiently old and weathered is harder than I had anticipated. 

Anyway in the process of attempting this I came across a really helpful blog post that I want to share with you all as it's really helped me out today

As you can see from the below photos I am surrounded by tealights...romantic night in is the general assumption here- no such luck...I am waiting for the wax to melt so I can use it on the frames..standard weekday evening activity!

Along with the above tea light/framing attempt photos I'e included some images of the pieces I'm working on for the Parallax art fair. As you can see none of them are finished...apparently I am a very last minute person!

Here are some photos of my current exhibition in Arteria in Lancaster- I'm so pleased with how they look in situ!The team at Arteria have done a really good job of organising the gallery space and everything seems to flow together beautifully.

Horatio the hare made it onto the winter shopping day invite!

I've also included a link to the Parallax Art fair( which runs this Friday 24th and Saturday 25th at Chelsea Town hall where I will be displaying further which I have two days to finish!

Anyway best crack on with my attempt at shabby chic framing! I'll let you know how it goes this weekend!

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