Friday, 8 February 2013

Recent Purchases, New brief and LFW!

As I said I would, I indulged myself a little at the weekend with some birthday shopping... and as I felt a little down about being a whole year older the indulgence seems to have continued throughout the week. 

Bag River Island, Earrings Topshop, Shirt Zara.

For so long I have been wanting some American Apparel disco pants but, despite not being the most frugal person, £75 seems a little extravagant. Imagine my delight when I came across's range of £22.99 disco pants. Doing some quick calculations I came to the oh-so-logical conclusion that by saving myself around £50 by not buying the American Apparel versions I could afford to buy two pairs of daisy street disco pants instead of one.

Daisy street disco pants in emerald green and navy.

Aside from my shopping antics, I have been carrying out mountains of research for my new freelance brief on decorative black and white imagery. Geometric shapes taken from Art Deco jewellery and Holly Fulton's graphic print placements have been the main influence behind the 6 design ideas featured in the collection. I would love to be able to share them on here but can't due to copyright laws etc but I can share the images that have inspired the designs. 

Black Cherry's collection, featuring 12 of my designs so far, is currently in Sydney and is set to go to Melbourne, London, Milan and LA in the coming weeks so fingers crossed my designs will catch the buyers' eye.

With London Fashion week just around the corner next weeks blog entry is set to be be full of catwalk trends for A/W 2013. Hopefully the designers will provide some interesting textile candy which I can feature on here. Ciao for now x

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